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A safe work environment is not something that happens by accident

The term safety is not always synonymous with pest or landscape management firms, but it should be. Let’s focus on pest control for a minute. Consider this: your pest management service provider is the ONLY vendor or contractor that walks into your space with not only expressed permission, but also determined intent to kill something. Yet, most building and facility managers do not concern themselves with the safety record of their pest control operators.

The Good News

Environmental Coalition Incorporated has one of the best safety records in the city of Houston. Our EMR (Experience Modification Rating) is lower than the industry average.   According to ADP’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation Insurance, an EMR is a numeric representation of a business’s claims history and safety record as compared to other businesses in the same industry.  If a company is riskier than average, their EMR will be higher (or significantly higher) than a 1.0.  A safer than average company has an EMR that is less than 1.0.  This rating is provided by insurance companies to gauge future chances of risk, but more and more companies are requesting this information from potential service providers help qualify them for specific sites and projects.

Our firm not only has an extremely low EMR, but we also have an even lower TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate).  A TRIR is a rating based on how many OSHA recordable incidents a company has compared to the number of hours worked in a given year. A perfect rating is 0. The more incidents, the higher the rating.


All of our applicators receive weekly safety and workplace training, but we also train team members on some of the following items:

  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Lift & Safety Harness Training
  • General Pest Management Protocols
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Loss Prevention
  • And More

Background, Drug and Alcohol Screenings

All team members are thoroughly background checked and drug tested prior to being awarded a position at Environmental Coalition Incorporated.  Once employed, team members are required to submit to an annual drug and alcohol screening as well as random screenings throughout the year.  Background checks are resubmitted every two years. While urinalysis testing is the current standard when it comes to testing for drugs, some clients request that we opt instead for follicle testing. It is important to note that follicle testing will be adopted as our minimum standard in 2020.  Why? Urinalysis only tests for drug use over a 7-10 day period. Follicle testing can indicate drug use over a period of 90 days, and in some cases, even longer.

Third Parties

Environmental Coalition Incorporated currently works with several third-party groups, specifically those that verify OSHA records, safety programs, insurance limits, work order requests and more.  Those organizations include, but are not limited to:

  • ISN (ISNetworld)
  • Avetta (formerly PICS)
  • National Compliance Management Services (NCMS)
  • DISA
  • eMerge
  • Corrigo

Safety Serving Houston TX

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