Pest Control for Ants

Inside and out, ants are among the most prevalent pests in the world

Get Rid of Ants

Ants invade restaurants, hospitals, offices, warehouses, and other buildings where they can find food and water. There are more than 12,400 species of ants throughout the world. While most people are familiar with the sting of a southern fire ant, there are species that can also bite with pincer-like jaws while the carpenter ant can hollow out trees to nest and cause considerable damage.

They are a general nuisance that are attracted to food sources outdoors or inside buildings like sugar, syrup, honey, fruit juice, fats, and meat. Infestations or outbreaks can happen fast and give rise to trails of thousands of ants that lead ants from nests to food sources, inside and outdoors, causing considerable concern among building occupants.

We Control Ants

When it comes to eliminating ants and other pests, property management professionals rely on Environmental Coalition Incorporated for preventative pest control and pest management.

  • Dedicated Team of Professionals
  • Excellent Response Times
  • Generous Warranties
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of LEED PROGRAMS
  • Highly Effective Service
  • Non-Volatile Treatment Methods
  • Impressive Safety Record
  • Unmatched Customer Service


Environmental Coalition Incorporated uses safer alternatives to control pests in the buildings we service and have for over 25 years. You, your team members and your building occupants can breathe easy knowing that we will use the most effective means possible to control control pests without the use of spray or liquid pesticides.


Clients looking for LEED certification for New Construction (LEED NC) or Core & Shell (LEED CS) or those seeking LEED EB O&M (Existing Building Operations & Maintenance) certification or re-certification should review our track record: over 75% of Houston-area LEED EB O&M  certified properties utilize our pest control services. Our team has worked with some of the most respected LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP's) in the nation and have been able to secure more than 90% of pest management credits pursued. There is no other pest management firm that has worked on as many Houston-based LEED projects as we have.