Animal Removal Services

Nuisance wildlife and animal removal is a unique service that requires specific skills, equipment and knowledge

Wild Animal Removal

Wild animals are common issues throughout the Houston metropolitan area.  The team at Environmental Coalition Incorporated has successfully removed wild animals from both in and around commercial facilities.  Some of these four-legged animals include:

  • Opossums: Typically nocturnal, the opossum is primarily a woodland animal and prefers to live away from human-kind. In some cases though, opossums will find their way into human territory or are simply born there and just never leave. We have found opossums living in and around office structures in perhaps the rarest of places: downtown Houston.
  • Raccoons: Like the opossum, raccoons are nocturnal, though they will happily live near and around human-kind.  Raccoons eat birds, eggs, frogs, fruit, and snakes - but it is not uncommon for them to develop a taste for human leftovers or trash-can-take-out. Raccoons may seem like they have a playful disposition, but don't let that sly face fool you.
  • Skunks: This smelly, cat-like creature is perhaps the one pest that can linger in an environment, long after it has been removed. Skunks can and will burrow under a lawn or the immediate perimeter of a property and will often dig small cone-shaped holes on the grounds surrounding the facility as it looks for grubs and insects to consume.
  • Armadillos: An Armadillo can cause some serious damage to a property. Its long claws are used to dig holes in search of food and to help create shelter for itself. Some of these holes can be as wide as 20+ feet and as deep as 8+ feet. Armadillos are some of the more difficult wild animals to catch and remove.  

As with all wild animals, there is a reason why they are in your commercial space. Removing waste and food debris from a premise on a regular basis is paramount in keeping these animals away. 

Over the years, we have received requests to address other types of wildlife as well. Here is a short list of wild animals that we do not address:

  • Deer
  • Alligators
  • Dogs
  • Bobcats
  • Beavers

Helpful Link 

It is common to receive questions about animals that would be better suited for the Texas Game Warden.  If you need assistance from such an entity, please click here to visit the Game Warden website.